We’re offering authentic Thai food and a great tasting menu for our customers. Great cooking isn’t always about the ingredient but rather what you do with them. We pride our menu being very fresh, homemade muddle curry pastes, organic, with all foods being prepared in a most authentic manner to satisfy our customers.

Pad Thai Moo Krob
Khao Mok Kai
Khao Munn Kai
Kaeng Hung-ley (Pork Belly Curry)
Coconut Ice-Cream
Nam Sod Kao Tod
Tod Mun Pla (Thai Fish Cake)
Tom Kha Kai
Phanaeng Curry
Laab Moo
Kaeng Keiw Wann
Pad Boong Fai Daeng
Issan Sausage
Pad Thai
Khao Soi
Pad Kee Mow Noodles
Kai Satay
Khao Niaw Moo Ping